New iOS 10 feature warns you about unsecured WiFi networks


Hopefully by now you know it’s generally a bad idea to access unsecured networks over WiFi, but having a phone that warns you about the dangers when you’re on one is a great step forward for those that aren’t so tech savvy. iOS 10 will do just that.

The danger of sending and receiving data over an open network can’t be understated. With relatively simple (and cheap) tools, hackers can intercept the data as it’s transmitted back and forth, including passwords, credit card information, and the like. They can then use or sell this data, opening us up to fraudulent charges, stolen accounts and even identity theft.

After connection to an open network, iOS 10 displays a “Security Recommendation” notification beneath the WiFi menu settings with the message: “open networks provide no security and expose all network traffic.” In addition, the mobile OS will also recommend you turn on AES encryption for the router, if possible.

ios 10

Of course, in public, accessing someone else’s router to turn on WPA2 (AES) isn’t likely, and notifying someone after they’ve connected isn’t ideal, but it’s a welcome addition that should help educate the masses about the dangers of sending information over an open network.