EverySecond shows per second stats for three major companies — Apple, Facebook, and YouTube. It shows data like how much money they make per second, how many videos are upload, how much they spend on R&D, etc.

The iPhone-maker recently announced the sale of one billionth iPhone, nine years after the first member of the iPhone family hit the markets. Long lines of Apple fans are visible in front of Apple stores days before the launch of every newer iPhone model. Their MacBook line of personal computers has been praised as the most efficient in the world. That’s the kind of customer loyalty and the fan-following Apple has gathered after the co-founder Steve Jobs uplifted the company from the deep oceans of bankruptcy.

How many iPhone, iPads, and MacBooks does Apple sells per second? How much they spend on research and development per second? A website shows approximate figures for these things.

You can also view the vital stats of YouTube and Facebook. Like, how many videos are uploaded on YouTube per second or how many Facebook posts are made per second.