Imagine a phone with a display that can fold in and out without cracking a single piece. Like a sandwich. If news sources are to be believed this may soon be a reality. Samsung and LG are slated to launch phones with foldable displays later this year. Samsung reportedly began working on a phone that folds out and turns into a 7-inch tablet, and it’s expected to roll out over 100,000 units in the third quarter.

If you remember, we had first covered this news in 2015 when Samsung had launched a competition to get entrepreneurs excited about creating startups around flexible display technologies. It is believed that since then the company has secured fold-in phone technology, and it was only a matter of time they would apply it to phone devices.

Sources indicate that the new device will feature panels that face outward upon folding, and may be used as a 7-inch tablet when unfolded. However, the release date it is not known yet.

The same report also points to LG which is expected to introduce more than 100,000 foldable devices in the fourth quarter. It is believed that LG started developing fold-out technology two – three years ago, and may have more advanced technology than Samsung.

It also goes on to state that LG may use this tech for other phone manufacturers like Apple, while Samsung is adopting it into their own products such as the Galaxy Series.