Remember the HP Touchpad ? HP’s glorious tablet failure that made more sense to buy after the company liquidated the stock. The HP Touchpad was rooted to run Android and made its way up from Jelly bean all the way up to Marshmallow early last year.

One of the ROM makers for the Touchpad has managed to port Android N over to the long lost tablet, the active community is pretty large and owners have never been happier with the Tablet.

The port is still in early beta and according to the Dev a few things still don’t work


  • Camera
  • Alot of features are not installed. EVToolbox is launched from the launcher for now


  • Camera
  • Alot of features are not installed. EVUpdater is broken ATM

For those who are willing to give it a try, know that the process is quite long and detailed, and somewhat frustrating. But the end result means, that your 4 year+ old Tablet runs Android N before many of the so called Expensive flagships of 2016. That’s one middle finger to the Man !

Hit the Source link incase you are keen.