Does 9:30 work? Yeah… wait, no. I’ve got a dentist appointment then. How about 12.30? Eh, got another meeting at that time.

If you have a lot of conversations similar to the one above, you might appreciate a new Google Calendar feature, called Find a time.

The feature, accessible when you set up a meeting in Calendar, digs through all of the attendees’ schedules and finds a time when everyone is free to attend.

Even better, Find a time works across different time zones, and also prioritizes the times everyone usually has meetings. And if nothing works, Calendar can even help you reschedule conflicting meetings.

Google points out that the feature only makes suggestions, and will not override your previous meeting plans if you don’t approve the changes. The feature is currently only available on Android, but Google is “working on” bringing it to the iPhone and to the web.

Get Google Calendar for Android here.

Check out how it works in the gif, below.