After the team behind Pokémon Go cracked down on numerous apps that helped players finding Pokémon in the AR game, there aren’t many options left to help narrow down your search.

Thankfully, Poke Radar

is still standing. That’s because it doesn’t use the Pokémon Go API and doesn’t violate its terms of service; instead, it relies on tips submitted by users to to help you spot Pokemon near you on a map.

The new gesture is noted by a small white arrow pointing upwards, and the quick-launch icons are surrounded by a frosted white color. The lack of a launcher icon also frees up the bottom row to hold five apps instead of four.

There’s also no search bar shown by default in this iteration; instead there’s a little ‘G’ nub which you can tap to start searching.

Credit: Android Police

You can still swipe right to access Google Now, but pulling on the tab itself doesn’t seem to do anything. To the right of this nub is what appears to be a permanent calendar widget. Both the nub and the widget only seem to show up on your primary homescreen.

Android Police also notes that as this launcher wasn’t running on a device with Android Nougat, some features weren’t operational. There’s likely to be tight integration with the upcoming Google Assistant, for instance.

I personally like the idea of losing the app launcher button; this is a more efficient use of space. On the other hand, it’s probably going to confuse a whole lot of people. Hopefully it won’t be long until we hear about those new Nexus devices and find out more.