The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is set to feature one of the most useful tools from the company’s top smartphones, according to new reports.

Leaked photos suggest that will come sporting an always-on display, which means that even when the device is turned off, you’ll be able to see information on the time, date and any notifications.

The photos, shown by Dutch website TechTastic, show what appears to be a working Note 7 with the same low-light AMOLED display showing off the always-on display.

What can we expect from the Galaxy Note 7?GETTY

What can we expect from the Galaxy Note 7?

This method allows for users to keep up to date with any urgent alerts without using up reams of battery life.

The feature was included in Samsung’s previous flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, as well as LG’s latest G5 device.

Other rumours leaked today also reveal that the Galaxy Note 7 will come featuring USB-C connectivity.

This means it will be able to charge up faster and more efficiently than previous devices, although it will mean you need a new charger – Samsung should provide one though.