Is there anything Xiaomi can’t do? The Chinese company, known for making cheap but powerful smartphones, makes a ton of other gadgets, including a kid-oriented smartwatch, a fitness band, a 4K-ready media box, a rice cooker (yes, really) and a self-balancing scooter.

Now, judging by an image posted on the company’s Weibo account, it’s also going to launch a drone.

Besides an image of a bug-resembling, futuristic looking drone, and a date — May 25 — the poster contains no additional info about the device. Last week’s teaser, which consisted only of an image of a wooden propeller, offered even less in terms of details.


However, Xiaomi is known for sleek yet very cheap devices — its Mi Band costs only $15, and its Segway competitor, the Ninebot mini, costs around $314. It’s fair to assume the drone will at least match — if not undercut — the prices of similarly specced drones out there, but we’ll know more next week.