Xiaomi at an event in its home country launched the new Mi VR Play headset. The Headset which is available to beta testers for just RMB 1 (US$0.15) already has millions pre-registered for it. So if you want one now, you have a long wait ahead.

mi vr play

The Mi VR Play is different because it is made out of Lycra as opposed to traditional plastics, this synthetic and starchy compound is used in clothing to give them more durability and comfort.

It supports 4.7- to 5.7-inch phones and they are held down not by clamps but by zipper. Yes, Zippers! The dual openings on the front allow for slight positioning adjustments and ventilation.You will also get the newly renamed Mi VR app which has content from a bunch of local providers and Conde Nast Traveller.

mi vr schematics

No Doubt it is a good looking VR headset and it comes in a bunch of colours and designs. But When can one actually buy it without waiting in line. And whatever happened to the Mi TV?

Mi VR Play_05