The Apple iPhone 7 leaks have shown us a changed camera module at the back, a larger bump that seems to make no sense at all. Rumours have pointed to a more refined sensor and lens setup.

A source close to the Apple iPhone launch in India, who has given us accurate information during past launches, claims that Apple will launch the iPhone 7 with new image stabalization techniques that utilise the OIS mechanism seen in previous-gen iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus along side a new tech that will leverage the processing hardware to get a stable image.

Till now Apple has given Optical image stabalization in the larger plus models of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s while the regular models shipped without any image stabalization hardware.

The new iPhone 7, however, will have hardware based image stabalization in all models, along with new camera features like post focus.

The iPhone 7 will also be equipped with a wide shot mode, which will possibly be different from a panorama, utilising the slightly curved lens setup on the iPhone 7.

While none of the above is confirmed, we will not know for sure what features the new iPhone will bring till the 7th of September. For everything we know about the iPhone 7 Click here.


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  • Aalok

    iphone 7 launch date ?

    • Farhan Ansari

      Apple Reported launch date of iphone 7 on Sept 12 2016 (may be extend by Apple).